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I'm Wenty Hill and I am committed to YOU being your Magnificence (living the life of your dreams) in all facets of your life. Most people don't believe in themselves, much less know how to be their Magnificence. You do not even have to know what you want ? we'll find it together.

We will work on many levels; Success, Health, Relationship, Financial, Healing and Spiritual (all underlined line to the appropriate page). My clients call me their "Fairy Godmother" because they get what they want so fast.

In my 30 years experience on TV, Radio and News and having taken over a 1,000 courses, the Success and Nutrition Counseling clients have seen ever increasing confidence and produce the kind of actions they've desired.

That's the point! ? Get What You Want ? in a WIN-WIN-WIN way. Not only will YOU benefit but others will benefit, just being around you!

Our work together will move you quickly with fabulous RESULTS.

Together "We Will Fly"

Wenty Hill's Bio

Over the past 30 years, Wenty has assisted thousands of clients and groups worldwide to achieve success in all areas of their lives through results oriented human potential coaching. Over the same time period, Wenty also trained in the nutritional and healing arts and now practices over 15 modalities of healing. To assist her clients to achieve their dreams, Wenty uses uses visionary methods that incorporate business achievement practices, quantum physics and other multi-dimensional skills.

Wenty is a lifelong learner in an advanced range of fields. Strongly self-motivated, she has travelled internationally, coached presidents of large corporations, managed significant community service projects, and has taken more than 1000 courses. Educational topics range from personal and business excellence to relationships, spirituality, money management, career transitioning, motivation, leadership, negotiating, personal assessment, and entrepreneurship. Because of Wenty's diverse educational background, she is well equipped to coach people so they can be the happiest they can be and immensely successful in all areas of life.

Let's get started today!

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"Are you having
the life of your
dreams? If not,
what's missing?"

"Within ten minutes of my session with Wenty, she identified some key issues of mine and went straight to the core of what was currently going on for me: I had issues of loneliness
and residue of old grief from my husband passing away several years ago. Wenty performed a simple, yet deep ritual of clearing those emotions that no longer served me and I clearly experienced a sense of release and relief within my being.

In less than one hour, Wenty effected change for me that my other counselor had not been able to facilitate in more than ten hours of consultations.

A few weeks later, I recommended Wenty Hill to a friend of mine. He attended one session, and experienced a similar profound shift. I warmly recommend Wenty Hill to anyone who wishes to assess their current life situation and chart a new route forward for themselves."

- Brita Adkinson , Washington State, USA


A few Choices
of what we can
work on are:






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